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Session 14 - Virtual Hackalong

Meeting summary

In this session we did a deep dive on identity on holochain thanks to @Joshfairhead, @nphias and @hedayat. We talked about how to integrate personas into our applications and which design patterns we can use to support good identity patterns and avoid getting locked in app silos.

Meeting recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fP9LicFIhRg

Hi everyone! Virtual Hackalong Session EU/US 14 will be in:

In this session, we’ll solve all questions remaining from the last wonderful Holo-Host session with @zo-el. We’ll also talk about personas, the way it works and how you will be able to integrate it, and capability tokens: what are they and when to use them.

See you there!


Hey @guillemcordoba,
would I be eligible to join the meeting?
I would be really happy!
BW Dario

Look forward to the recording!

@alu yes sure join please. these regular meeting is especially recommended for hApp builder.

Well, I am a long way far from being a hApp builder,/developer
but I have ideas, and I am 100% into getting there, so just even even getting in touch with others and starting to get “hands on” would be great!
See you there guys!

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