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Session 13 - Virtual Hackalong (1 HOUR EARLIER!)

Meeting summary

This session was an incredible deep dive on holo, the hosting platform. We were enormously lucky to have @zo-el join us an explain a wide range of topics regarding holo host, and what things we should consider when developing happs that target that environment.

If you have time, don’t miss it!

Meeting recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bncCRR-L6hQ

IMPORTANT!: this hackalong session will be held one hour earlier than usual, to accomodate for our guests, holo core devs.

Hi everyone! Virtual Hackalong Session 13 will be in:

This is a special session! We’ll have as guests devs from holo.host core, working on the holo/holoport infrastructure. We’ll ask and discuss with them how the holo architecture and choices impacts the development of happs. Things like:

  • How is private/encrypted data stored on a holoport?
  • Can we assume a single agent address for every user?
  • How does bridging on holo work, and is it transparent from a happ development perspective?
  • … (bring your questions!)

See you there!


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If you have a question please send it here, so we can collect and create an ordered question list.

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Question regarding hdk::api::send and hdk::api::receive in Holo setting.

Am I right in assuming that the conductor running on HoloPort will always be online?
If this is right, is it correct to assume that we can use hdk::api::emit_signal in the receive callback and say, send push notifications to mobile user of hApps?

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I think I got the answer for this previously but its still a bit hazy: whats the score if I have a Holoport in my home and want to read peoples keys from the various conductors running on it? I imagine I can not do that but I’d like to know more detail

Second question is maybe not relevant; whats the story with the holochain-rust repo being GPL? Surely that would imply that everything using it becomes GPL also - although repos like personas & Profiles are MIT… I gather thats only allowed purely because its developed by the Holochain core team? If possible I’d like to know more about the reasoning behind the various licensing choices :slight_smile:


Good question bro and also how does the new CAL licence fit into it all? So that’s 3 separate licences being used? Does this also mean anything built on top of holochain needs to also be open source?