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Session 12 - Virtual Hackalong

Meeting summary

In this session, Rzan presented her project centered around IOT, on holochain! Her project is based around reputation systems about doctors and data in healthcare systems.
- With a very clean and insightful presentation, we discussed different DNA architecture and tradeoffs between them.
- We also thought about how doctors, hospitals and patients could take ownership of their own information, related to which DNAs each agent can join.
- We discussed how temporary read access to DHTs can be granted to external agents.
- We also mentioned how we could architect DHTs to allow IOT devices to connect through holochain applications but without them being responsible to held lots of data from the DHT.

Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCL9RSPLuv8

Hi everyone! Virtual Hackalong Session 12 will be in:

In this session we’ll resume unfinished conversations from other hackalongs, mainly from this thread Discussion Backlog - Virtual Hackalong. We’ll also think about different design patterns we can use on our happs.

See you there!


@guillemcordoba and @hedayat thank you for bringing Raza to the hackalong. Her proposed project is very interesting and it would be fun to bring it to life. I can create Topic on her behalf, but would like to wait for her to do that once she joins the forum?, so that she can become point of contact.

Especially considering this:

Raza wants to build TRUST (Reputation Currency) module on holochain for Doctor Patient relationship, implemented within a period of 4 months. So that she can submit it as part of her Masters thesis at her University.


Thank you @hedayat and @guillemcordoba for great solutions and clear explanation as usual.

Thank you all for such a wonderful session, thank you for your valuable comments, positive energy, and your enthusiasm. I’m so happy to meet you all and very much appreciate your help. :blush::sparkles:

I really enjoyed every moment and I’m sorry for those questions I’ve missed. I’ll get back to them with the answer.

here you can find my presentation


That’s very nice of you Arya. I will create a topic soon and clarify the main points I’m focusing on.

Thank you for your excitement. :sparkles: