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Session 10 - Virtual Hackalong

Meeting summary

  • Hedayat presented the work that Nastasia and him are doing on LeaP. He zoomed out to consider any kind of multi-DNA design, and what are the implications of using this pattern. We discussed what are DNA properties and what kinds of application we can build leveraging this simple pattern.
  • Also, we continued our conversation around entry versioning, and the Anchor first pattern vs Data first pattern. For now, we established that we should usually go Anchor-first, and that the Data first could be used mostly in cases like git-branching.

Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXOyjC9PeYE

Hi everyone! Virtual Hackalong Session 10 will be in:

In this session we don’t have fixated content or presenting projects, so we’ll mainly be advancing unfinished topics from other sessions.

See you there!

27th of May? or June? :smiley:

Whoops, it’s tomorrow, thanks for spotting that.

Hi, is this still on? I’m in the chat room but no one seems to be in it.

Hi @akikoogawa7, it’s starting in 5 minutes!

When is the next one? :slight_smile:

Next Wednesday! Every Wednesday at 6PM CEST, would be great to see you there!

Great! :slight_smile: Is there a reoccurring calender event one could get added to? :slight_smile:

Yes, just added you to it. You should have an email with it :smiley:

Thanks Guillem! Hope to make it this week! :smile: