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Session 1 - Virtual Hackalong

Hi @tats_sato @tinfoilbat @kamal @2rowflow @Joshfairhead @nphias @ScutterJr @milkyklim @lchang @profeth great having you today in the call.

Here is the recording of the first session Asia/Pacific: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wC05jSkj6CM
Here is the recording of the first session Europe/US: https://youtu.be/a0Kk0vsdBk4

If you can, please comment in this thread the project you are currently working on, and if you are going to show & tell something about it on 15th (we have a show & tell session that day).

Some resources in case they are of help when building your projects:

As community organizers we are around to give support, answer questions, etc, so fill free to engage as much as possible.

See you soon!


Also tagging @sidsthalekar @pospi and @ThomasMiller from the Asia/Pacific session, and @hedayat @Qubeo. And please tag other people I’m missing if you have their handle. (discourse didn’t let me do more than 10 tags in the main post).

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For the 15th of April, I’ll be working on a proof-of-concept around Dot Voting, following this design: https://hackmd.io/jEcLAlfcRaWqjjTyIlYiPQ

I will also try to update the playground to include entry design graphs and such.


Hi everyone,

I’ll try cramming the whole devcamp6 course these days, while trying to produce something tangible. A basic GUI is already a lot for me for now :sweat_smile:.

Thanks for everybody’s time, and looking forward to that awesome playground, @guillemcordoba !


I continue working on holochain implementation of Ghostbin/Pastebin: https://github.com/milkyklim/into-pieces.

It’s relatively simple at the moment: pastes aka posts are stored in DHT. I am planning to introduce expiration date to the posts in the next iteration.

Looking for someone who would like to help me with frontend and grasp basic concepts of happ development.