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Modularity Hackalong: Marketplace, Holo-REA and more 🔥 🙂 🌈

Hello all

We continue from the Recap session that we initiated last week. In particular we’ll focus on the Marketplace idea, which is an example of abstract REA concepts framed into more concrete grammars.

Based on time available, we’ll also discuss updates from CRISPR, BASYN, Reputation Libraries (Sacred Capital), Loconomics and more. If there’s something you’d like to add to this list leave a reply below.

When : Thursday, Aug 13, 9am SGT/11am AEST/1am UTC/6pm PST (US: Aug 12)
Where : Zoom Room ; Calendar Invite
Who is this relevant for: anyone looking to leverage these themes. You could be a dev building in a modular fashion. Or a ‘power user’ with limited dev skills who is stitching together a community or app with basic technical tools.

Thanks, Sid.
PS: If you’d like to receive the calendar invite leave a comment below or DM me and I’ll add you to the recurring event.
PPS: More about Modularity here

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And, the recording is here. First couple minutes are just check-ins, so skip ahead to get to the Marketplace discussion.


have you been following these discussions @raphisee? fun to hear that you wanted to create a marketplace for regenerative products!

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Shame I missed this too… going to watch videos to catch up and then start participating in next ones… good to finally be back! Lol :wink::heart::pray::grin: