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Modularity Hackalong: Exploring Bazaars i.e. decentralised community Marketplaces 🔥 🙂 🌈

Hello all:

Last week’s discussion on Marketplace and Reputation sparked off a deeper dive on this Loomio thread. We began exploring what a ‘neighbourhoods’ style implementation of a Marketplace would look like i.e. implementing a decentralised bazaar that any community can utilise based on their reputation system.

We will explore this further on this week’s Hackalong, where we’ll cover:

  • Considerations for the UI
  • Why membranes are important for marketplaces
  • Price matching algorithms when an offer is made across multiple neighbourhoods
    And more.

Based on time available, we’ll also discuss updates from CRISPR, BASYN, Reputation Libraries (Sacred Capital), Loconomics and more. If there’s something you’d like to add to this list leave a reply below.

When : Thursday, Aug 27, 9am SGT/11am AEST/1am UTC/6pm PST (US: Aug 26)
Where : Zoom Room ; Calendar Invite
Who is this relevant for: anyone looking to leverage these themes. You could be a dev building in a modular fashion. Or a ‘power user’ with limited dev skills who is stitching together a community or app with basic technical tools.

Thanks, Sid.
PS: If you’d like to receive the calendar invite leave a comment below or DM me and I’ll add you to the recurring event.
PPS: More about Modularity here

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Thanks for the conversation. We spoke about:

  • Considerations for the UI. How to balance the view that the collective holds with that of the individual.
  • Membranes, and how they can be more complex (in the case of more intimate interactions, like food sharing/couch surfing etc.), or might be simplistic (in the case of ride sharing, trade etc)
  • How price matching can be co-ordinated through memetic bridges instead of consensus networks.

@pospi I wanted to clarify one thing from yesterday’s call - I think I said it would be good to work through some of the UI with the users we are involved with, to get more concrete. But I want to make clear that I didn’t mean that to object to the experimentation you are doing with UI components and architecture, I think that is very cool.

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