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Ceptr is an infinitely scalable, distributed operating system inspired by biomimicry. Its basic computing unit is a highly composable, lightweight virtual machine called a “receptor,” which may be plugged into other receptors to form a fractal-like tree of nested receptors. These receptors communicate with one another exchanging semantic trees; this allows a “protocol for protocols” that ought to virtually eliminate the need for brittle API bridges.

The grand vision of Ceptr is to create a “global nervous system” that will enable new forms of “grammatic capacities”—which would be analogous to how writing allowed for governments and corporations, and the internet allowed for sharing economy apps. It will create new organizational patterns for humans, and ultimately, implement the ideals of the Metacurrency Project.

Ceptr is a:

  • Cooperative framework for distributed applications
  • Quantum leap in large-scale collective social intelligence
  • Peer-to-Peer platform for building new Commons
  • Pluggable protocols that let everything talk to everything
  • Organically organized computing architecture of fractal receptors

Semantic. Interoperable. Cryptographic. Concurrent. Responsive. Networks awakened as living ecosystems.

Website - http://ceptr.org/


This is a list of Ceptr material and mentions in interviews I encountered. Feel free to share more, and I’ll add them here

Ceptr Material

Semantic Trees :evergreen_tree:

Ceptr Mentions
Interview with Arthur Brock https://www.thedailychain.com/blog/holochain-interview-with-founder-arthur-brock/


Lovely to see this. I’m sure more will unfold as Holochain stabilises, but here’s my crude understanding of CEPTR.

  • In the Holochain environment we break beyond the silos created by apps, but still have to comply to standard protocols to speak with each other. Potentially, would CEPTR enable us to break past this as well? Allowing users and apps to communicate with each other inspite of different protocols?

  • In our organisation’s context, we’re designing a protocol for staking reputation across apps, but this is game-changing only when everyone complies with one standard version. CEPTR could enable each app/user to tweak and design this while continuing to benefit from network effects.

And likewise with Holochain - eventually we don’t need only one protocol for data validation. Each user could opt in for their own variant.

Is this correct? If so, organisations roles shift to creating standards and frameworks for protocols, rather than running a company that owns the protocol.


This is part of what I am building with the OASIS API to allow everything to talk to everything so there are no more silos or walled gardens. It’s like a stepping stone to holochain and CEPTR for what is already out there…

We are a massive fan of CEPTR since that is what we discovered before Holochain and has deeply inspired us along with holochain… :slight_smile:

We can’t wait to finally have the honor and pleasure to meet @artbrock and @zippy to discuss the future of holochain, CEPTR, the net & the world… :slight_smile::heart: