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How to run hApp on conductor

I’m currently trying to run a holochain application on a conductor.
I was already able to run it using the “hc sandbox” command. However as far as I know that command doesn’t run connect to a blockchain network. Is it already possible to somehow run/test a happ without a sandbox on a self hosted conductor?


Well, it actually does try to connect to other peers if you configure it to point to the proxy server.

Here is a guide that might help you: How to create a Holochain network over the internet · holochain-open-dev/wiki Wiki · GitHub


Thank you.
However as far as I understand unless I use the sandbox to deploy the happ there is no way to run a happ, is this correct? For example when I would use the “holochain” command with the “conductor-config.yaml” as described on the wiki you’ve linked. I don’t really see how that would work.


Very interesting!
I am having the same issue:
How can I “copy” my hApp from one holochain instance to another?

It’s a little tricky to guess the nature of these questions, but I guess what you’re meaning is that it’s clear how to specify the ‘happ’ when you run it in the sandbox (because you pass the path to it as an argument) but not as clear when you use ‘holochain’ since it only takes a path to a config file which doesn’t specify the happ.

Another person @jost.schulte recently asked about this, and the answer is to utilize the ‘admin’ api exposed via websockets

This seems inconvenient, but was actually based on a hard-learned lesson from a past iteration of the config file that did include happ/dna details, and it was really brutal to use. The persisted state about ‘happs’ installed to a conductor it was decided would be far better off stored via the storage tools to disk that the conductor already used to persist other things like source chains.

He asked, and there’s an answer I gave there