How can Holochain replace the need for the current system of domain names?

Do you know any free place where I could learn more about currency design and flow of value? There is a paid course “Introduction to Currency Design” on Udemy by the Metacurrency Project that that I’m dying to do, and I just don’t understand why could someone trying to spread such revolutionary ideas could put knowledge behind a paywall, in my mind it defies logic, I truly don’t understand, I feel excluded, invisibilized, and angry, and I would really appreciate if everyone just shared information freely, which at the end of the day, we’re just the last link in the infinite chain of creativity.

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If you have financial need, reach out to Metacurrency and see if they can give you a scholarship. They aren’t greedy bastards. They need to fund their own lives too you know. Or maybe there is some sort of trade you can offer.

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There is a bunch of stuff here:

I especially recommend the post-monetary jazz ensemble :+1:


Domains: it’s the currency of what one can remember. It has a real value. It serves the same purpose as the app, with one major difference: you need only one app to get to any domain, it’s a given, the closest thing we have to universal access interface. One has to built on that.

Money: why not see money for what it is, a pure form of energy (not a source of energy, or a source of anything) just like electricity. What are the rules for handling electricity? How different a wallet is from a battery? When you look at money, do you see it for what it is, or are you only seeing how most people misuse it - and the harm derived by its misuse? Please, don’t throw it all under the bus.

One could argue that money always existed, like electricity. It was there, hidden, then it was found, and harvested. Call it capitalism, communism or anarchism, it’s only a set of rules for dealing with energy. Like most of you I’m guessing, I foresee a future where the subjective attributes of energy (hFuel) will be taken care of (Holochain).

I think the confusion is arising from the different nomenclature that we’re all using… Basically, in precise praxeological terms, “money” is a means to facilitate indirect exchanges in a big free-market economy. However, and especially in general settings, what I mean by money is simply a “trade-facilitator”. That said, Holofuel (and mutual-credit in general) is also just that: trade-facilitator. They are all nice and clever ways of facilitating transactions via. direct-exchange. So yeah, you’re all right in that you can use whatever fancy name you like for whatever Holochain is building in that regard, be it “energy”, be it “current seas”, be it a “fuel”, or be it simply “a different money”…

But if by

you mean where “exchange” serves no purpose, where everything is just “free”, where we share everything, or whatever utopia you have in vision, then I’d be glad to pop your illusion: it’s a pipe-dream at best, nothing more…

I’ve no idea whose usage of the term “money” you’re talking about…

If it’s the government’s, then sure, by money they mean a tool to extract buying power from its citizens to fund wars, theft and you name it! Pretty rational, you know, on their part… I mean, what else can you expect a government to do? Haha!

“Money” without “Ideology” a not pipe dream. Look, this thread is all about ideologies. My only wish is for hFuel to be deprived of ideology biases (analogy: it can be argued that closed source algorithms are mostly made out of biases, which is a problem).

I know it’s hard, we’re all hard wired into thinking this is Us against Them, but pure energy has no opinion, no flag, no colour, and it only goes one way: from in to out.

Energy has to flow, otherwise it’s not useful, and can be tainted or lost. Anyone opposed to that (name them Governments or Corporations all you want) is using energy coercion for control and power. The way I see Holo, energy is mostly flowing and useful. Sure, one can hoard hFuel and become hZillionnaire, or maybe not. It’s a work in progress…

Perhaps it doesn’t fit into the new world because the plurality of websites itself doesn’t fit into the new world. If code were to actually become compatible with all other code, as it’s currently slowly becoming, there simply wouldn’t be so many websites/companies/languages/domains as there are now.

If all search engine developers could collaborate there would only be a single search engine, and it could get domain or something. All governments would get the :stuck_out_tongue:

A little further into the future, there won’t be any domain names at all. You’d simply ask for whatever it is you want and your ‘portal app’ would get it for you. Weather would go back to just being ‘the weather’, a-man.hell would just be ‘art from the holo-forum’… like the good ol’ days :slight_smile:

Also, in an agent-centric network all ‘domain names’ can be subjective. They would be the names that are relevant for the requestor at the current context. Plus, you could name a web asset however you want and it wouldn’t affect how others call it. The whole ridiculousness of buying names from the centralized ‘name makers’ is a dying art.