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Holoport+ to sell

Hi all,

I decided to sell my HP+. It is working in a very well condition, without an error or a damage. I did the updates regularly. Please send me message to discuss about details.

PS : I live in a EU member country. It would be easier and cheaper to send the HP+ within the EU border


@Squid, just a nudge.

Hi, how much?

Hi, ill buy if still available.

I can buy it. Where to send the ETH to?

Just let me know the shipping cost to Hawaii. I will send the payment first. Mahalos

I love Holochain and bought some ioen too. Staked it too. This tech is amazing. Big mahalos to the holochain crew for the endurance. While the iced over Canadian winds blow, the team is relentlessly building eco-friendly distribution devices that will even out the Amazon playing field and distribute the wealth to the little person like me.

ETH address



1099-USD exclude shipping etc. USDT transfer is fine if suits.

Hi, yes still available. you can send me direct message for details. Thnx

apologies for being a noob, but how do I DM you?

Hi I’d love to buy too. Ready to buy if the above doesn’t work out.

Thank you!

Hi to all again, I think DM’s and private messages are not allowed for most of users. So, please reach me over [email protected] for details. Thnx

Dear All

it is sold

thank you.