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HoloFood conversation: mapping food systems app requirements

:wave: Hi!

Some of you may have noticed a group of food-systems related projects emerging on this forum and coalescing towards an informal “HoloFood” community. Those in this group - specifically BASYN, Shiro and SeedShare - have been ramping up their efforts behind the scenes and continuing to explore the ValueFlows protocol and Holo-REA resource coordination framework. In the process we’ve connected with a few new allies along the way.

So— we’ve decided that it’s time to open this group up publicly and to push energy towards implementing a shared suite of interoperable applications that do useful things at various places within the food supply chain. In this first call, we’re aiming to get a deeper understanding of the needs of different groups and where their software requirements might overlap.

If you have a food-related project you’ve been dreaming of or working on, this is your chance to explore what others are building and to have your input on our shared roadmap.

There is an open agenda online here that anyone may add to prior to the call- we’ll spend the first few minutes going over requests and forming an outline together.

This first discussion will lay a foundation for future hackalongs, where our aim will be to meet these needs by implementing UI components and applications that work with Holo-REA, CommonsPub and other ValueFlows-based systems.

A basic understanding of ValueFlows and REA will be expected. For those new to these concepts, we recommend the following resources:

When: Nov 13, 2020 10:00 AM CET / 7pm AEST
(Europe-friendly; we’ll record for US folks to catch up!)

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


ping @ViktorZaunders @kristofer @akikoogawa7 @leifriksheim @guillemcordoba @nicolas

(And I know it’s not the right time of day for you folks, but tagging you in so that you are looped in to any ensuing discussions: @lynnfoster @kamal @bhaugen @oro13 @srirup)

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A reminder this is happening in just under 12 hours! If you are interested in attending and haven’t registered through zoom yet, please do (:

We might make it a bit shorter than the scheduled 2hrs (which was just to ensure spaciousness, really). I’m getting over a flu at the moment and a bit low on energy, but am eager to keep these discussions moving as much as possible. See you all soon!

Good to see this. I would have liked to join as a fly-on-the-wall but will be busy with Diwali celebrations.

I’ve also added a couple points at the bottom of the agenda doc in case they come up (related to supply chains and commerce being integrated with social fabric).

Hope to catch the recording if there is one!

Thank you for the interesting meeting!
Here on the forum you can find my intent around food, with not too much commitment attached :wink:.

Missed this meeting unfortunately. Hope you had a good discussion, looking forward to the recording.

Hey all, thanks for that conversation.

Here is a replay of most of it :slight_smile:

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Thanks @ViktorZaunders, you beat me to it! And letting others know that there are a few notes taken in the agenda document as well.

As a quick high-level summary:

  • We spoke a bit about integrating buyer’s clubs into other “normal” marketplaces, and about exchanges between clubs (which isn’t often done currently). Those integrations will probably be a while off though, as they are on hold until there is funding available to hire a larger development team.
  • Discussed the buyer’s club processes in more detail:
    • Split of internal / external transactions, where a club usually gathers funds or commitments to buy internally from members prior to engaging a producer for a single order.
    • Informal clubs where some individual manages the ordering and assumes all financial risk; in these cases commitments are often made ahead of time and payment is done later.
    • Incorporated clubs where there is a cooperative or some other legal entity that represents the group; such groups may have their own local stocks and often require members to place money into a trust account for “credit” prior to making purchases. Different accounting requirements for these groups, but easy to model. Probably won’t focus on these for MVP.
  • Discussed the need for a while farmer-centered suite of applications in order to facilitate openness about agricultural practises.
  • Briefly discussed some ways in which seed exchange communities and reputation from linked platforms may play a role in storytelling and marketplace offerings.

So, for the moment at least it seems that Shiro will be taking a back seat while we focus on other infrastructure. In our next REA-related conversations, @guillemcordoba and I will discuss upgrading the resource booking zome to be compatible with REA networks and inventory systems. More to come soon!

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Also to share in the HoloFood arena- a recent mapping of the https://mycogreens.se/ operational processes on to REA functionality with @lynnfoster @ViktorZaunders @kamal @akikoogawa7

So, still some REA-related workstreams percolating alongside Shiro…


@pospi when is the next gathering? please tag me next time. I am on board of PhoenixFoodCooperative, currently we have had 3 test run for buyers club and 2 community meeting, the core team and small circles have been meeting on bi-weekly basis since beginning of this year.

We have a discourse too, though not used. Wondering if that tool could be leveraged with automation to track history, reputation and contribution of members?

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Hi @Aryabhatta :wave: nice to see you here as well :slight_smile:

Interesting that you mention Discord- I’m not sure about API integrations, but it could be done. There is a group from rural Brazil who developed a timebanking prototype using a custom Telegram bot to drive a Scuttlebutt-based ValueFlows backend, so it can be done.

It would be cool to explore these kinds of integrations with the Holochain team… I think Elemental Chat could end up being some kind of very powerful WeChat alternative if people invested some time in good conversational UX.


Wanted to send a bit of a teaser for people following along with these conversations- @guillemcordoba and I have been chatting about the booking management module that he has been developing, and how that might leverage some REA libraries.

We’re hoping to host a hackalong call in the coming weeks where we walk through such an integration both from the perspective of UI code and backend storage. But this depends on the RSM upgrades to Holo-REA being completed such that we can tie everything together. Stay posted :wink: