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Holochain hackathon, Prague, September 6th - 8th

Join us for the Holochain hackathon in the beautiful city of Prague!

Since the hackathon follows the “Rebooting the Web of Trust” conference
(https://www.facebook.com/events/2073287156110795), it is focused mainly on the topic of identity (self-sovereign, P2P), but is open to variety of projects.

Find more details & registration details here:

Feel free to discuss event related topic in this thread.


I posted in another thread a proposal that may be related to your Hackaton.

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Thanks everyone for a lovely weekend, if anyone wants to check out the code for the password manager it’s here


Hi Victor, great you have put this here. I am having difficulties to start the app again… will try on. Meanwhile I wonder what PJ said about security issues, we need to look into. Do you remember or should we ask him? I think this was quite important? He gave an answer to his question himself but I did not take any notes at that point. ciao, Uwe