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Hello HoloChain,

My name is Stephen M. Cutter Jr. Founder of Hemp for the Future. I have been passionate about the hemp industry for nine years. Hemp can create circular and regenerative local economies. You can make over 50k items from hemp and HFF has established some the leaders in Hemp Material Science to create a Hemp and Sustainable Development Incubator in Puerto Rico. I believe Hemp has the ability to transform our future and create a healthy environment and economies.

Hemp for the Future has been establishing the team and ecosystem for building out the infrastructure for regional hemp cooperatives. Our goal is to create a circular economies of all things hemp. Hemp clothing, paper, plastics, food, fuel, medicine, concrete, building materials, batteries, graphene and many more.

We also work with Natural Capital Accounting which tracks positive environmental impact via carbon sequestering, oxygen produced, water purified, biodiversity created and the total ecosystem services standards.

We have been in the regenerative currency movement for over 2.5 years and have thought leaders in NCA, Forestry, Data Sovereignty, Sustainable Development Goals, tracking impact and Hemp Agriculture.
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Hemp happens to be one of the highest valued NCA plants we can grow in the world. It sequesters 4x the carbon as trees and produces 10x the oxygen, uses less water and chemicals to compared crops, regenerates the soil and limits many extractive industries I.E. cutting down trees for paper or mining for and and stone for concretes and oil for plastics and fuel.

Here is a list of some of Hemp for the Future’s partners, colleagues, team members, advisors, mentors and true friends pioneering the way for a currency backed by improving the environment.

NCA & Blockchain Network


Tree Coin

Hemp Network


The Hemp Farm USA

Sustainability Network

Hemp is the most sustainable and versatile crop on the planet that we can make almost anything from it.

We are looking for passionate people who want to help build a regenerative currency revolution.

I am creating these other forums to start and ideas, goals, inspiration and community will be found there.

Hemp for the Future Media
Hemp for the Future Circular Economy
Hemp for the Future Material Science
Hemp for the Future Sustainable Development Goals

Here are a couple of videos to watch and articles on some of the work.

Articles/Podcasts -


Speaking Engagements:



SDG hemp and Natural Capital Accounting

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