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Sacred Capital is building the foundations of the Reputation Economy. By leveraging reputation systems, we enable entrepreneurs and individuals to navigate the agent centric universe. We do this through two initiatives: 1. Reputation Labs and 2. The Reputation Interchange.
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What is Sacred Capital?
A reputation interchange

What motivated you to create your app/platform?
After a life as a mainstream trader, I spent four years at a community founded by Gandhi where I came across living examples of distributed economics. A conversation with Eric Harris-Braun in 2014 sparked Sacred Capital. We’ve been formally developing the project since 2017. The intention is to build a formal economic language for multi-dimensional value, not only material value.

Why should people use your app/platform?
It allows entrepreneurs to port reputation within their apps across ecosystems. This has powerful benefits for users, as they can access an economic system built to capture human potential, not just labor-based value.

Why did you chose Holochain?
The agent-centric approach pushes down costs for storage of reputation, which allows reputation to thrive as an economy because there isn’t the pressure on it to be monetized.

What aspects of Holochain are most valuable to you?
Agency to the individual: It gives a user complete control over their reputation scores, which is critical for reputation to be developed as a wealth system.

Who is the audience for the app/platform?
Other entrepreneurs building on Holo, as well as individuals who will engage with these apps

What Holochain design patterns are you using?
The Reputation Interchange is designed as a hApp that houses the contextual chaos logic. Third-party apps would use our import/export zomes to write to the user-chain.

Development Status
Ideation/Design (idea or project exists)

Website - https://www.sacred.capital
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/sacredcapital/
What is the Reputation Economy - And why we should build it