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The Omni Project is helping to bring about complementary forms of scholarly communication. This project is delving into the fundamentals of collective sense-making, including warm data, anti-rivalry (‘omni-win’), sovereignty and metapsychotechnology.

Github - https://github.com/OmniProject/omni/

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Hello, I’m Marcus from the Omni Project. If you’re excited by what we’re doing here, please let us know if you want to contribute.

I’m very interested in how Omni can be anti-rivalrous and generate coherence between agents. Daniel Schmachtenberger describes a vision of the future that we share at the Omni Project. This podcast episode gives a sense of how Omni fits within the context of the new emerging civilisation that Holochain is helping to bring about:

Listen to and reflect on this podcast and share your thoughts either in this thread or in a new thread. What do you think research and development looks like in this new civilisation model? I want to lay down the design criteria developed by Daniel that we should consider:

  1. Solving existential risks categorically rather than in isolation

  2. Anti-rivalrous dynamics between agents

  3. Close-looping everything, from the materials economy to sense-making/decision-making feedback loops

  4. Increasing sensibility and discernment around complicated vs complex so that people can envision what a good civilisation looks like

  5. Scaling up collective intelligence, transdisciplinary collaborations and our metacognitive capacities to improve our theory of choice in relationship with our theory of causation


Marcus -

Glad to have found Omni Project after a rollercoaster ride through Twitter this evening.

For months I’ve been trying to define this “it” that I had discovered through Twitter - a mix of tweets, podcasts, blogs, and YouTube channels focused on the tech/the future/our changing society. In my writing I’ve been calling “it” the “Twitter-blogo-sphere”: A cross-section of Ribbonfarm, Farnam Street, John Vervaeke, futurism, psychology of tech, new media, The Blue Church, etc. etc…what exactly was it?

Now I have my answer: the “Sensemaking Web”, “Intellectual Deep Web”, “Inter-Intellect”, #GameB. However amorphous or loosely defined, it’s real.

I’ve been focused on curating inspiring thinkers on my website lately, which led to a sort of “epiphany” in recent weeks about the value and importance of curating and connecting the best thinkers and ideas currently scattered across the internet. In an essay called “The Great Curation”, I talk about “digital cartographers” helping to map the “white spaces of human knowledge”. An excerpt from my piece:

At present, digital cartographers largely work alone or in small groups. Mapping of our digital future occurs in scattered locations: discussions of niche books, old podcast interviews, Discourse forums, and the emerging “Twitter-Blogo-sphere”. Great ideas bubble up and are kicked around these fringe idea markets. Perell writes that forbidden truths about the 21st century “are shared in whispers, not shouts.” At any given time, a “digital cartographer” only has a partial understanding of the broader map emerging. Other pieces of the whole lay dormant in hidden outlets, or trapped within other people’s heads.

What if there were a way to bring together the brilliant, rich minds of “digital cartographers” together, making them more productive and effective at generating understanding and ideas about the world to come? What if we could induce collaboration between digital cartographers, encouraging each other to map our changing society, emboldening them to produce bold new methods of harnessing the information age tsunami for good? I believe we can. And it starts with a Great Curation.

Right now I’m working on curating the ideas of great thinkers (ex: Tyler Cowen). I’d love to contribute to Omni. How can I help?

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Very happy to have you here. Showing up is a very helpful thing you’ve done already. Right now, I’m not sure - the latest Rebel Wisdom documentary about ‘Making Sense of Sensemaking’ is like a scattershot to my brain, so I need to take a breather. This is an ongoing inquiry which just keeps getting deeper, so I take things slow around here.

I’d love to keep talking in the #gameb #sensemaking sphere on Twitter, as that’s quite conducive to my thoughts at present. These thoughts are up in the air at the moment, but I’ll need to land this thing at some point - I might struggle to do that on my own

Handle: @themarcusnewton

But I agree. Something’s happened, we’ve passed some threshold, it feels like.