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Influence-free, beautifully simple peer-to-peer publishing: think of Humm as fully distributed WordPress + Patreon, made for the writers and content creators of the future, powering independent hApps and an intentional community.

Website - https://humm.earth/
Github - https://github.com/cosmicsurfers/humm-publisher
Twitter - https://twitter.com/hummearth


The newest Blog post :slight_smile: :+1:


We are resuming regular updates here on the humm blog, and you should expect frequent recaps of what we’re accomplishing along with deeper dives into individual features we have built and how we are approaching building real solutions to problems.

We will be inviting more and more creators to use humm in our upcoming waves of alpha, so if you are a writer then reach out to us and we’ll get you on the list.