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Holo-REA is developing an internet-age resource coordination framework on Holochain for operational management and accounting in economic networks, communities and single business organizations. The goal is to provide an accessible foundation for building social and economic coordination applications of any kind, and to empower more people to build such apps. We also iterate and build to common protocols to encourage diversity and prevent vendor lock-in.

Project info - https://github.com/holo-rea/ecosystem/wiki/
Holochain project - https://github.com/holo-rea/holo-rea/
API protocol - https://github.com/valueflows/vf-graphql/
UI project - https://github.com/valueflows/vf-ui/
hAppy Hour #1 Featuring HoloREA - https://youtu.be/Xy6TB0lbj_c


I’m interested

Welcome Alex!

For the HoloREA gang, I met Alex (online) in 2011 when he was part of some REA system development conversations, so he’s understood REA at least since then.

Alex, maybe you can explain a bit more about what you are doing and where you are doing it. Pretty interesting! (If you like; totally optional…)


Hello all! Good to see this thread. I’ve been following this project for a while, and eager to see it rolling out soon.

On a side note: We’re crystallising the economic model for our Reputation Interchange right now. Hope to use some of the libraries for our economic transactions between apps, users, investors etc.


Hey I’ve got some friends working on circular economy. It sounds like HoloREA is what they need.
How is the development coming along? Is there a time frame or blockages.

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Hey team,

I just posted this thing we’ve been stewing for a while around local food communities. We are looking forward to implementing it on a foundation of REA.

I don’t think we’ll be able to move to any sort of implementation of the design until at least next year, but I figured it would be good to start the conversation. Also to reference it as I try to learn more about REA.


Is HoloREA still in active development? The last github commit was 2 months ago.

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Hey @Flip! Thanks for reaching out. Excited to see more circular economy projects popping up and look forward to hearing more.

HoloREA is very much alive! Currently we are going through a bit of an internal restructuring and seeking additional Rust developers (which I may post about in the “help wanted” section, though there are a few leads to follow up first). Things in the codebase have been pretty quiet due to participation at DWeb camp and other conferences and consulting with other projects, but there is some more recent activity in branches that are yet to be merged. @lynnfoster and I have been pretty preoccupied with updates to the ValueFlows spec lately and those changes also still need to propagate into HoloREA.

There is a milestone on Github for our MVP release, which I estimate is about 3-4 weeks of work. (There is some additional stuff to log around the specification module but it’s a very simple one so shouldn’t affect that estimate much.) With those 3 core modules released we’ll have all the necessary components needed for most of the projects wanting to integrate REA accounting.

Our next milestone from there will likely be creating a task tracking UI- the goal is for us as developers to start “living inside our creation” and be using REA systems to track effort and payments as things progress. Those components may end up inside CoMakery, InvestorEngine or other projects.

No blockages really, it’s just a case of getting enough contributors on board to get the work done (I do a lot of other things besides code, and only manage to find time for that periodically). Feel free to comment on any Github issues if you or others are interested in contributing and would like to know more; and I’m always happy to have calls with people to onboard them into the codebase. Send me a PM anytime (:


Hi @pospi

Thanks for the detailed answer. Awesome work, it sounds really impressive.

So these problems of GraphQL not being in the core library is not going to be a problem?

They’re not really problems… it works just fine in JavaScript-land. Also I’ve gone and logged more tasks, so the work to get to our MVP is pretty comprehensively outlined now. That includes the DNA code and GraphQL adapter, but no user-facing interfaces on top.

I should also stress that I think it’s about 3-4 weeks of solid work. It might take somewhat longer, depending on how many contributors we are able to get on board… so don’t necessarily expect to be seeing completion by the end of September :wink:

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Hi, I’m very much interested in contribution to HoloREA.


@yeff how do you want to contribute? Code? Something else? Lots of ways to help speed the plow.

The idea is to contribute to code and design of two use cases for circular economy (one for reuse of plastics, the other on mobile housing) in which I am involved as software architect/designer.
I need to design the value flows first to figure out which VF components that are missing we could contribute on. I’m going to do that in EA tool of Sparx.
For those cases I will work out some data examples - in JSON-LD format - and we need a prototype UI for demonstrating the use cases. Particularly managing the links/associations well.
Other teams will work out the apps for each use case, so it’s more like we can provide the backend for them.

But first things first, for these projects I need to get the developers onboarded in Rust, Holochain, VF and HoloREA, a big steep way to go. Not so easy as Holochain is also a moving target and changes a lot.


Wonderful! Please let us know how we can help, and please show the assembled gang here some of your early results?

Also @yeff any links where we can learn more about your specific use cases?

@bhaugen, I’m in a proposal towards the local governmental department dealing with waste treatment. The moment there’s some official posting on that, I can link to it.

@yeff have you seen this proposal from Sensorica on building an economy around Montreal’s waste recycling processes? Could be relevant https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g-7Xopde463xW0dGSDwZudhWlUFLzBhnJLzxOBxDEqE/edit