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CoGov fosters the emergence of Collective Intelligence by enabling the rapid iteration of Social Coordination Systems that users design.

What is CoGov?
Transparent Collaborative Governance Protocol (CoGov)

What motivated you to create your app/platform?
The desire to merge agent-centric digital technology with sovereign human technology to enhance coordinative capacity at all scales.

Why should people use your app/platform?
To be part of the new paradigm ecosystem of people and collectives that are replacing antiquated centralized business, government, and other social systems that are failing us.

Why did you chose Holochain?

What aspects of Holochain are most valuable to you?
The unenclosable carrier

Who is the audience for the app/platform?
Philosophers, Developers, Systems Architects/Engineers

What Holochain design patterns are you using?

Development Status
Working Holochain Prototype (DNA in progress)

Website - http://cogov.tech/
Github - http://github.com/cogov
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/messages/t/cogov.tech


Interesting rayzer. Will take a look at your webpage. I will be releasing the English / international version of my book “Upgrading Democracy” by the end of this year. This is the step between the current political system and the one you seem to imagine. See https://upgradingdemocracy.com/ . So there might be some things we have in common. :-)(

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Hi @rayzer, very happy to see your initiative. Are you looking for partners?
I am also working on upgrading our democracy and give talks about it. I am happy to see that @pmonien is also working on that, and I am looking forward to reading his book.
I would be interested in having a call. Would this be of your interest too?
Warm regards,


Hi @lylycarrillo of cause. Happy to talk. :slight_smile: I would have time to talk next week.
The basic idea can be found on upgradingdemocracy.com. But I just started with this. If you want, I can send you a Adcanced Reader Copy of my book end of next week. Best, Peter

Hi Peter,
Next week is fine for me. When exactly is better for you? I live in Ghent, CET time zone.
And yes! I would love to receive a copy of your book.
Warm regards,

Hi Liliana,

CET sounds good. I am based close to Zurich. So same time zone. :slight_smile:

This week would be actually better for me. Somewhen until Monday the coming week, so 14th. Skype or https://whereby.com or …?

I will send you the ACR in the next days. Please send me your e-mail address.
I wonder if we can actually send direct messages here?..

& talk to you soon


Just saw you on YouTube, your TED presentation.
Let me know when you have time to chat.
Best, Peter

YES. I received a review in the magazine of Germanies largest “More Democracy” club in their member magazine:

“The vision of a new party model by Peter Monien is well thought out and offers many starting points for making democracy more direct and taking advantage of technological progress. The book asks the right questions and approaches the question of more citizen participation at the federal level in a pragmatic and prudent manner. The model has the potential to make existing parties superfluous. - Let’s project our preferences to the Parliament! By proxy party.”
-Mehr Demokratie, mdmagazine 3.2019

Hi dear Peter,
I am very happy to connect with you via a zoom call. Any day from 9am to 15pm CEST is fine for me. Try to propose me some dates…
Hope to see you soon on zoom :slight_smile:
Best, Liliana.

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Any of those tools are fine for me :slight_smile:
Skype: lilicari_2
email: lylycarrillo@gmail.com

Email works the best with me :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to let you know: The Slideshare about my idea for an efficient doable safeguarded direct democracy is online: https://de.slideshare.net/pmonien1/upgrading-democracy-slide-share-new

happy to receive your thoughts and any ideas for improvements :slight_smile: