Forum AMA w/RedGrid Team on Thursday, 10/17 @ 6PM EST (10PM UTC)

This just came in and wanted you all to see it @AdamRG @mikeg

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Yup no problem Amanda

"How will you know you have solved your problems?"

We’ve run numbers where grids can prevent blackouts, here as summer approaches in Australia and places like California. This is at a macro level; individually homeowners will use less power and therefore pay less. A virtuous cycle will be set up. :+1:

Hi Nicole,
In terms of our Tech team we’ve really doubled down our focus on the Alpha development project. This is our primary focus at the moment and is aiming to get our technology to 500 devices in the field. We are working really closely with the Holochain core team on this sprint and design as well as doing alot of customer mapping and discovery for this particular project.

In addition to that we are continuing to progress our projects and working on some really exciting new project opportunities that we’re hoping to be able to share very soon and will potentially be a real game changer so stay tuned!

we are also doing some work with the Holochain team around scale testing. We are really excited about the Sim1h work that Holochain have released which is such a valuable thing for our development.

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Absolutely. Visualising a distributed network :slight_smile:

Finally we are also accelerating our technical efforts around AI and Machine Learning models. We’ve been getting some help from Data Scientists around the business case and optimal models that this new architecture can enable.

As we wrap up the AMA session, do you have a call to action for the community?

Hello everyone, as an investor in RedGrid, I’m really excited to see where this goes. Can you tell me a bit about what RedGrid tech would look like in my house?

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HI DHTnetwork. :hugs:

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Aw, nice to see you here. Got any questions for the RedGrid team? Thanks for stopping by to say hi : ).

Hi JNGA, Thanks for the question and for your support :slight_smile: For what it looks like in your house, it really looks just like what you have now - just that RG will be running in the background. If you have an older air conditioner you would have a small IR controller that will control your AC unit, or if you have your appliances already connected to the internet, we will plug into the API, or (in the near future) you’ll just have your appliances with RG code embedded in them.

What you’ll also see is a front end through your phone/computer - either the simple RG front end, but probably more likely in the app you already use to control your smart home, but it will have your reputation and reward credits on there. With the ability to cash them out or trade them in for our partner rewards :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Call to action:

Please keep supporting Holochain! Go to your local Meetup… Alex and I run the one in Melbourne if you are in town.

You can join our telegram group

In terms of technical help, we are especially interested in people doing AI, Holochain developers and Rust developers, and those who are looking at biomimicry in software.

People with open source experience and building open source communities would be appreciated!

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Thanks everyone for joining us in our first Ask Me Anything session! If you have more questions or would like to chat more with the team please join us on Telegram:

To catch all RedGrid updates follow us at:
IG/Twitter: RedGrid_io
Facebook: RedGrid
LinkedIn: /company/redgrid/

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Thanks everyone :+1:

Thanks everyone that was fun!

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Thanks everyone for your questions and keep in touch - Adam


Community, thanks so much for participating in the Holochain Forum AMA with the RedGrid Team. It was a pleasure having the entire team here for the Forum AMA!

Thank you again for taking the time to answer questions. The responses were fantastic and educational! @AdamRG @AlexRG @mikeg @simwilso

We’re looking forward to hearing about the amazing work and progress on the AI & Machine learning models!

You have our support!!

This AMA thread is now closed. If you have questions after the planned AMA, feel free to ask them here.