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Current State of Networking?

Thanks for the reply! I am just running the nix-shell, which defaults to 0.0.38. Should I manually install version 40?

I installed 0.0.40 via this command:

nix-shell https://github.com/holochain/holonix/archive/master.tar.gz

Will post results here after I test.

Great, let us know the outcome. Thank you

Very happy to report that networking between two devices/instances is operational on 0.0.40-alpha1 via the public sim2h server: wss://sim2h.holochain.org:9000



Woot! Woot! Exciting, we love these kind of updates : ). Thank you for posting.


Sorry to go off-topic here, but as this thread has the only reference to Flutter in the forum, I would like to ask @J-Krush about his experience using it for building his hApp UI. Would you prefer it over React, for example? Thanks!

Hey @davidvm2! Flutter is pretty awesome. You essentially have to make an RPC websocket implementation in Flutter that replicates the hc-web-client for javascript. https://github.com/holochain/hc-web-client

After that, you’re just making RPC calls over websocket to the holochain conductor that is running somewhere (not on the phone). We attempted to compile the conductor rust library for Dart/Flutter so that the whole thing was running on the phone, but couldn’t get that working. I’m not sure Holochain is mature enough for that.

Bump. What’s currently blocking n3h/lib3h? I looked at the repos but looks like no updates lately.

Looking at the Roadmap, it looks like there is more preformance and scalability with current protocols ahead of getting back to work on lib3h