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Core Concepts 1-6 and Tutorials 1-4

We’d like your feedback!

Hi All,

The Dev Empowerment Team has been working on Holochain Core Concepts for the last several months. We are doing a soft release (Get Started + Core Concepts 1-6) and would like to get your feedback on the following:

  1. Clarity of Content: Do you understand the concept and how it applies to your current knowledge?
  2. Effective Examples: Is the example/metaphor appropriate? If not, can you propose another choice?
  3. Usefulness: Is the content useful?

We would love to review and gather all feedback on the Forum. Each concept has an accompanying tutorial. Let us know if you are able to go through the content and tutorials.

I know your time is precious and we appreciate your investment. We’d like any feedback by Tuesday, 10/22. We’ll try our best to consider and incorporate the changes. We are starting a feedback schedule as we move these drafts to completion. We would like to include a period where we ask for feedback from the community and contributors like yourselves.

We have several things we want to revamp and/or deliver this quarter. Feel free to post any suggestions to the link above.

Link to the Core Concepts and Core Concepts Tutorials in our new Developer Documentation section

Please submit your feedback directly on the Forum or submit an issue on GitHub.

@pospi @marcus @mikeg @dellams @sidsthalekar @lynnfoster @all We would appreciate your feedback/suggestions.

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Thanks @dhtnetwork. I’ve been following the Core Concepts series for a while, and I think they’re the best resource out there for someone looking to understand agent centric architecture. Will share more detailed feedback soon.


Hi Sid, thank you for reviewing our content. We would appreciate any specific feedback/areas for improvement in the Get Started Section/Core Concepts/Tutorials. Looking forward to the detailed feedback.

FYI, we are working to revamp the Developer Portal homepage. We have a few design ideas and look forward to sharing with you and the community!

What’s next:

  • Developer Portal Homepage revamp (new design)
  • Journeys
  • Core Concepts 7-8
  • Core Concepts Tutorials 5-8
  • Holochain Glossary (text)
  • Holochain Visual Glossary/Visual Library
  • Holochain Dev Docs Roadmap
  • Polish/revisions to current Core Concepts (incorporate feedback, etc.)
  • lots more…

I second that! Would love to know how these articles could improve — what they’re lacking, how approachable the tone is, whether we unpack the concepts in a logical order, etc.

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Hey Paul et al, Great start. Your pictures are essential to break up the material so the reader can absorb what they are seeing. I think the chapter breakup and the way it is presented on the page is great.

Some feedback: I find scattering heaps of real world analogies should be used when possible. This can be either one for a topic, or a larger one that spans a few topics. For example, the DHT (chapter 4) is an alien concept for novices but the key to understanding how to use Holochain, so needs to ease the reader in…

I’d shift the material to start with “what is one” so move the Cloud of Witnesses further down. Alice living at address 180 needs to be more real world (and I was going to devote some thought to this for our next Meetup). I mean keep the techno language for later, such as “publishes an entry”. The radio tower thing further down the page is onto the right approach.

I also really like Paul’s design pattern things, these need to find their way into this material.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback Mike! We appreciate the review. Yes, we are slowly but surely revamping the entire Dev Portal. All the content will go through a review and feedback process. And we do have plans to incorporate the design patterns information.

I appreciate the specific feedback.