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Thank you @souro9 for starting this thread. Though it would be nice to put some collective thought together to find out which of these ideas are suitable as Decentralized hApp. When you get a chance please introduce yourself in the #welcome thread, so that we can learn more about you.

Following is list of Ideas shared in the Article - each idea has a feature associated with it shared in the article.

  1. AI-Based Picture Translation App
  2. Custom-cake ordering app
  3. Decorating app
  4. Find flexible work app
  5. App for baby’s daily needs
  6. Book recommendation app
  7. App to find the nearest utility place
  8. Trip planning and budgeting app
  9. Animal (Pet) Matrimony App
  10. Food donation app
  11. Seasonal food app
  12. On-demand home-cooked food app
  13. Hire an artist app
  14. Barter trade app
  15. Interest-based community app
  16. Finding a remote job app
  17. Uber for repair
  18. On-demand gift and flowers delivery
  19. Emergency alert app
  20. Quality monitoring app for vegetables and fruits
  21. Influencer marketing app
  22. Scan and shop
  23. On-demand car wash app
  24. Parking finder app
  25. Virtual interior designer app
  26. Tenant finder app
  27. Shopping assistant app
  28. Suicide Prevention apps
  29. Security app
  30. Stress relaxation app
  31. Indoor navigation app
  32. Restaurant reservation app
  33. Toy Exchange App
  34. Karaoke app