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From what I read its WSL2 itself that has some sort of memory leak so hopefully that will get fixed soon! :slight_smile:

woah, actually my dev preview windows machine stopped booting at all :frowning:

For some unknown reason I have now started getting connection refused error messages back from the conductor? It was working yesterday and I have not changed any code or network config, etc so very odd!

Any ideas?

This is with redux version.

It is running in WSL2 in a nix-shell for holochain.love as per the docs.

Is it the conductor, NixShell or WSL2 that has started refusing the connection? How do I troubleshoot this? Thank guys.

Also, still waiting for CLEAR instructions on how to get onto RSM ASAP… As I said before the instructions on the site and do not work and you end up with just the Redux version as you can see from my above posts…


Hi @dellams I’ll have to defer to @thedavidmeister or @steveeJ on your connection refused issue, but as to this:

Yep, developer.holochain.org still has the old installation instructions; I’m hoping to rectify that by next week. In the meantime you can use this readme: https://github.com/holochain/holochain#using-nix-shell-on-a-local-clone (note that ‘local clone’ here means that you have to clone the holochain/holochain GitHub repo).

I was just assembling another minimal test happ but couldn’t get the tests working… (I’ve simply skipped Tryorama testing hitherto). Can someone please look in to see what I’m doing wrong? Though there are mostly core devs around here, I still think it’s something quite simple/silly that I’m doing wrong and shouldn’t be hard to spot for you experts… Waiting for reply…

After npm install,

Upon npm test,

Github link: https://github.com/the-a-man-006/damnpost
[Reusing @guillemcordoba 's test code for the calendar-app]

What seems to be the problem?

Tests seem to be running, the errors that you see are normal in real tryorama trying to connect to non-existing agents.

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Confused whether there is something wrong with the init() callback…

[ PS: Apologies for naming the zome as post instead of posts; I was kinda in a hurry trying to finally test Tryorama for the first time… Would name zomes plurally now on. ]

I see… Maybe I should pub use the callbacks in lib.rs? Is that causing the trouble? Plus I didn’t notice that I wasn’t returning InitCallbackResult. My bad. Sorry for disturbing you without trying my best to resolve it on my own first. No problems with Tryorama.

Now it’s some unknown error… Help!

It’s difficult for me to understand or try to help you without the rust code, could you post that?

Here… I guess you missed this link.

What could possibly be wrong with this function (I’ve nailed it down, it’s this function that’s causing the unknown ribozome error)

I think you are running into this issue: https://github.com/holochain/holochain/issues/339

So you need to include Path in your entry defs.

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Oh, yeah I remember reading about including it in entry_defs in an old gym-link about path by you. I don’t know how I forgot to do that… I’ve always used to include that in my other little side-projects, but somehow forgot with this one. Thanks for pointing that out. You’re a genius!!!

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Yes if you look at my posts above you will see I have already done this but I still end up with the Redux version, I have done it 3 times now so not sure what is going on? Thanks.

Maybe that’s what’s causing your issue…

I see those instructions have now been updated and this was added:

nix-shell --argstr flavor happDev

That was the key line missing before, getting further now, taking ages to build it all but I can see its the new one and not redux now, yay! :slight_smile:

I noticed hc has been removed?

So now we just use holochain for both dev and prod?

Really excited to FINALLY get my hands on this, I can now finally upgrade HoloNET and the .NET HDK to use RSM, yay, really excited! :slight_smile:

Expect lots more questions soon regarding this! :wink: lol

My first step is to find out what changes have been made the javascript hc client? Does it still use websockets? I remember seeing in Art’s article you now use MessagePack and I looked into this and found a C# version so I will need to integrate and implement this.

Does anyone know the format of the data sent back and forth? Is it the same JSON objects as before was unpacked?

RSM has finally finish installing, but I cannot see how you create a new app? holochain init does not exist? Nor do any of the old commands?

There also doesn’t appear to be a run command either? Am I missing something here?

Where are the docs that describe how to get started with RSM? The ones on the site dont mention anything for this…


Great to hear you got it working @dellams ! Curious about whether you keep getting crashes in WSL2; keep me posted.

Yup, there’s no dev conductor – only the holochain conductor, the Tryorama testing lib (updated for HC RSM), and a build tool called dna_util. Not quite as turnkey as hc package, but shouldn’t give you too many problems. If you want to run throwaway conductors for dev testing, you can try @guillemcordoba’s holochain-run-dna. It’s just a node script that runs holochain, creates an agent, installs a DNA, and instantiates a cell for you.

(Note that the conductor no longer has an HTTP server, so you can’t use HTTP for zome calls and you can’t use it to serve up static UI assets.)

Rather than JSON-RPC you format your requests as MessagePack using these types here:

  • AppRequest and its attendant return types for zome calls, signal subscriptions, etc
  • AdminRequest and its attendant return types for the admin API – install app, create agent keys, etc

RPC calls still go over WebSocket and, just like JSON-RPC, each request has to have a unique ID and you listen to the socket for responses with matching IDs. Requests and responses are wrapped in a WireMessage, which serves the same function as a JSON-RPC request or response envelope. You can check out the JavaScript implementation of the client SDK here: https://github.com/holochain/holochain-conductor-api (check out the types in src/api for implementation details).

Signals also come down the socket as a Signal::App that contains the cell ID and the message data. They’re wrapped in a WireMessage too – a WireMessage::Signal.

The dev tools are still pretty lean right now. It’s just a bunch of crates that import the HDK, with a DNA manifest file that gives the location of each. Then you use dna_util to compile them into a DNA. You can see a sample layout in the Elemental Chat repo.

Basically you run the conductor holochain and send it admin API messages to set up a cell – or just download and use holochain-run-dna as mentioned above.

Definitely aware of the lack of dev tools and documentation right now, and it’s something we’re working furiously on. Thanks for bearing with us!

In the meantime, the various resources at the very top of this thread are the best place to start. Good luck, and keep checking in when you it roadblocks – it’ll show us where we need to focus on good documentation.

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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and for the detailed response, this is exactly what I was after, thank you, really appreciated! :slight_smile: :heart:

Will look into all you put above in more detail soon… :slight_smile:

I’m still having problems just getting holochain to run, yesterday it worked first time, but today, I got an error:

Any ideas?

What is also odd, that I had to wait for AGES for it to all compile and build again, any idea why it has to do this EVERY time?! Doesn’t make sense, first time I understand.

I also ran the test hc-merge-test as per your instructions but it appeared to hang near the end:

Any ideas? Maybe it ran out of memory? I only have 6GB on my PC, and I do not have any money to upgrade it so its pretty hard running this on top of Windows, it hangs and slows down my whole machine so I cannot do anything while it is building, also as I said WSL2 has a memory leak.

This is why we REALLY need those Windows Binaries back ASAP if you are serious about using Holochain with the massive Windows and enterprise market… this should be made a priority in my opinion… please feed this back to the team and let me know what they say… would be really appreciated thanks.

So once again I am stuck, which I am finding really frustrating because I am REALLY keen to get HoloNET RSM and .NET HDK RSM done ASAP! :slight_smile:

Also, does anyone have any ideas about the connection refused messages I started getting from the Redux conductor when no code or network config was changed?

So now unfortunately I am blocked once again on all hc dev… both Redux and RSM, I am super passionate about hc but I really need to get productive with it ASAP, the .NET HDK would do wonders for the hc community bringing the massive .NET, Unity & Enterprise markets to hc! :slight_smile:

Any help would be really appreciated.

Many thanks,

I checked out the dna_util you mentioned above but I cannot see how you create your DNA from the rust code? It looks like it takes WASM and a DNA file? Which is odd because I thought it generated the DNA? So why would you need to pass DNA to it?

I presume there is no Getting Started documentation for RSM yet? :wink:

Would be really helpful, thanks :slight_smile: