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Investor Engine InvestorEngine creates capital for the distributed ecosystem. It implements an investing engine for ecosystems, powered by Holo REA, to seamlessly raise funds. To learn more please visit our website InvestorEngine.org. If you have an idea you would like to raise funds for we encourage you to brainstorm and refine your hApp on this form and we’ll support you to build a robust execution team. Commons Engine Here at Commons Engine, we want to create markets where we can ‘get mine and grow ours.’ The health of collectives, large and small, depends on peers sharing with peers for mutual benefit. With state of the art digital ledger technology from Holochain, we wager that solving real-world problems begins with acknowledging the invisible actions of the many. MetaCurrency The words “currency” and “current” come from the same Latin verb, correre, meaning “to run.” Crucial for designing community, “current-sees” shape, enable, and measure flows of resources and value. The MetaCurrency Project uses these powerful tools to create solutions that go much deeper than money. We specialize in designing dynamic systems for specific communities and their specific needs. Ceptr Ceptr is an infinitely scalable, distributed operating system inspired by biomimicry. Its basic computing unit is a highly composable, lightweight virtual machine called a “receptor,” which may be plugged into other receptors to form a fractal-like tree of nested receptors. These receptors communicate with one another exchanging semantic trees; this allows a “protocol for protocols” that ought to virtually eliminate the need for brittle API bridges.
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